Fall 2021

I will be teaching CSCI-UA.0101 Introduction to Computer Science, CSCI-GA.2250 Operating Systems, and CSCI-GA.2436 Realtime and Big Data Analytics in Fall 2021. Please visit the NYU CS Course Schedule for details.

Before NYU

Before joining NYU, I was the Director of Education and Curriculum Development at LaiOffer, where I delivered over 1,000 hours of lectures, including data structures and algorithms, Python programming, Java programming, and cloud computing.

I was a teaching assistant at Columbia University for:

I was a teaching assistant at the Chinese University of Hong Kong for:

  • Advanced Topics in Internet Technology (CMSC5709), Spring 2011
  • Distributed Systems and Networks (CENG4430), Spring 2011
  • Computer and Network Security (CSCI5470), Fall 2010
  • Data Communication and Computer Networks (CSCI4430), Spring 2010
  • Distributed Systems and Networks (CENG4430), Spring 2010
  • Introduction to Operating Systems (CSCI3150), Fall 2009
  • Principles of System Software (CENG3150), Fall 2009

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